Forest is our home

Film Title : Forest is our home

Duration : 00:22:11
Filmmaker : Dony Herwanto
Theme : Forest, Deforestration, Community
Synopsis :
Since the age of 4 years, Emmanuela Shinta grew by breathing smoke due to forest fires in central Kalimantan.
It was a painful childhood that made him form Ranu Welum, a community filled with young children who wanted to restore forest functions as they are.

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The Last Forest

Film Title : The Last Forest

Duration : 00:23:30
Filmmaker : Sapto Agus Irawan
Theme : Forest, Community
Synopsis :
Living in harmony with nature is not impossible. In the inland of Jambi province, residents of the Durian Rambun village are able to do that. The forest of Rio Kemunyang which surrounds the village is preserved while at the same time being used wisely. Custom and wisdom become their breath. Greed is a taboo character that will be faced with strict customary rules.

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The Future of Flight

Film Title : The Future of Flight

Duration : 00:51:25
Filmmaker : Larissa Klinker
Theme : Energy Conservation, Climate change
Synopsis :
Flying is bad for the climate. Yet passenger numbers are increasing year by year. How can we combine environmental protection and our need for mobility? Do we need new aircraft and new aviation fuels – or should we simply fly less? We want to find answers to these questions and ask aircraft manufacturers, scientists and transport experts about the future of aviation.

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Shape Me

Film Title : Shape Me

Duration : 00:04:21
Filmmaker : Alex Spoerndli
Theme : Energy Conservation, Climate change
Synopsis :
Encouraging change in energy consumption starts not only with the consumers at home. Politics and industry need to step forward and boldly present measures for sustainable energy solutions. Two research programs conducted by the Swiss National Science Foundation presented their solutions in front of a large audience of politicians and industry leaders. But for convincing them to change, a more direct message needed to be sent.
That’s why we let the energy speak for itself.

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The Return of The Mountain Chicken

Film Title : The Return of The Mountain Chicken

Duration : 00:13:17
Filmmaker : Nico Aguren
Theme : Wildlife Conservation
Synopsis :
On a remote volcanic island in the Caribbean, a little known frog species is taking part in an experiment that could help scientists cure a fungal pathogen that is wiping out amphibians across the world. This short film follows the journey of the first frogs to be successfully reintroduced into Montserrat in ten years. But there is no guarantee that these frogs will endure the long journey or survive in a contaminated island.

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Film Title : Cascarita

Duration : 00:04:15
Filmmaker : Jim Barrera
Theme : Energy Conservation, Climate change
Synopsis :
A wind-up toy finds himself out of energy constantly, being unable to play with his battery-charged friends. He will soon find how to overcome this and help his friends on the way out of non-renewable energy dependence.

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