Film Title : Pakistan’s Himalayan Meltdown

Duration : 00:49:47
Filmmaker : Shehzad Hameed Ahmad
Theme : Community, Water
Synopsis :
The word Himalaya means House of Snow, being the second largest icecap outside the polar regions. But, it’s melting at the fastest rate in human history. One-third of the Himalayan glaciers is projected to melt away by the end of this century due to climate change, threatening the supply of water to nearly 2 billion people across South Asia. We discover how water became a major flash point between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, witness the playing of the Siachen glacier conflict between India and Pakistan, and go undercover to observe the proliferation of water thieves in Karachi. We also examine the impact of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s billion tree tsunami, Pakistan’s bold bid to mitigate worsening climate change.

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