Duration : 00:10:48

Filmmaker : Nikki Dodd

Theme : Wildlife Conservation

Synopsis :

THE RESCUE CENTER tells the story of a wildlife center in Indonesia that cares for animals who have narrowly avoided being swept up in the illegal wildlife trade.

Cikananga Wildlife Center operates on the front lines of the wildlife crisis, rescuing animals from an abusive multi-billion dollar, global industry. Victims of the trade are captured from the wild, often as babies, and are sold as pets, bushmeat, dancing monkeys, or ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine.

Animal keeper Ade Solihin has been working at Cikananga for eight years. His work falls into a daily routine of feeding the birds and primates under his care and cleaning their cages. Growing up in a poor family, Ade never had grand dreams, but working at Cikananga gives him a way to support his children, just as it gives the animals he cares for a second chance at life.


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