It’s look sunshine

Film Title : It’s look sunshine

Duration : 00:24:16 Filmmaker : Kim Seunghwan Theme : Marine Conservation, Waste Management
Synopsis : The main character, Young-eun, lives with her mother, a haenyo diver, in fishing village on Jeju Island. She learns eco-friendly photography from her friend Seung-hwan, who is a beachcomber. One day, her mother gets caught in a discarded net submerged in the sea and drowns. Young-eun moves away from Jeju and returns two years later for her mother’s death anniversary. She decides to begin taking pictures of sea debris on beaches, and Seung-hwan leaves the island to find a giant floating trash island in the Pacific Ocean on a boat made of recycled materials.

The Future of Flight

Film Title : The Future of Flight

Duration : 00:51:25 Filmmaker : Larissa Klinker Theme : Energy Conservation, Climate change
Synopsis : Flying is bad for the climate. Yet passenger numbers are increasing year by year. How can we combine environmental protection and our need for mobility? Do we need new aircraft and new aviation fuels – or should we simply fly less? We want to find answers to these questions and ask aircraft manufacturers, scientists and transport experts about the future of aviation.


Film Title : Taiwaste

Duration : 00:25:00 Filmmaker : Patrik Thomas Theme : Nuclear Energy, Waste Management, Community
Synopsis : As one of the many nuclear powered countries, Taiwan is constantly facing the issue on how to deal with its nuclear waste. After decades of controversial governmental decisions, a new solution seems possible: a citizen-powered decentralized storage strategy. In the late 1970s, Taiwan’s government decided to store parts of its nuclear waste on Orchid Island, 65km off Taiwan’s southeast coast, home of the Yami people who lived for centuries as an isolated tribe. Being tricked by the government, the tribal chief signed a contract to build a “fish cannery:, which turned out to be a nuclear waste storage site. After more than 30 years of protest by the yami people, the government passes a new decision to solve the problem of Orchid Island with a new decentralised storage strategy.


Film Title : Pascoal

Duration : 00:14:56 Filmmaker : Matt Jarvis Theme : Marine Conservation, Youth Empowerment, Community
Synopsis : The eastern coast of Mozambique is notorious for riptides and drownings. For the people who live here, the ocean is their livelihood, but also a dangerous place, and nobody is taught how to swim. Pascoal is an outreach officer for Love The Oceans, who are supporting swimming classes and marine biology lessons in Guinjata, the local village. We follow Pascoal’s story of overcoming his fear of the sea, and how he is passing forward his knowledge and advice to future generations in order to breed a new wave of local marine conservationists.

Into the Dark

Film Title : Into the Dark

Duration : 00:28:03 Filmmaker : Michael O. Snyder Theme : Climate Change, Science
Synopsis : Battling subzero temperatures and forty-foot seas, a team of scientists embark on a perilous winter expedition into the darkest regions of the Arctic. Their mission: to understand how trace amounts of light may be radically altering the mysterious world of the polar night. What they discover has implications for the global climate and the future of the Arctic.



Duration : 00:10:48

Filmmaker : Nikki Dodd

Theme : Wildlife Conservation

Synopsis :

THE RESCUE CENTER tells the story of a wildlife center in Indonesia that cares for animals who have narrowly avoided being swept up in the illegal wildlife trade.

Cikananga Wildlife Center operates on the front lines of the wildlife crisis, rescuing animals from an abusive multi-billion dollar, global industry. Victims of the trade are captured from the wild, often as babies, and are sold as pets, bushmeat, dancing monkeys, or ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine.

Animal keeper Ade Solihin has been working at Cikananga for eight years. His work falls into a daily routine of feeding the birds and primates under his care and cleaning their cages. Growing up in a poor family, Ade never had grand dreams, but working at Cikananga gives him a way to support his children, just as it gives the animals he cares for a second chance at life.


Disappearing Spots

Film Title : Disappearing Spots

Duration : 00:24:32 Filmmaker : Hetal “Teeku” Patel Theme : Wildlife
Synopsis : Cheetahs, the world’s fastest land mammals, are Africa’s most endangered big cat. In 1975 14,000 cheetahs roamed Africa. Today there are only 7,100 left. What can people do to save them from racing towards extinction?

No Mad

Film Title : No Mad

Duration : 00:46:48 Filmmaker : Alvynn Diagne Theme : Marine Conservation, Waste Management
Synopsis : NO MAD highlights how the association, ‘The Lifeboat Project’, is working with the government of the Philippines to combat illegal fishing (dynamite, cyanide) as well as trying to create a Non Take Marine Sanctuary in Coron and replanting reef with the use of BioRock technology.


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