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Film Lineup of the 14th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest (KLEFF) 2021

Since March 2021, the International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest (KLEFF) has been receiving up to 137 film entries to which  95 films have been selected to be screened in this year’s festival!

More information of the film lineup to be revealed soon!


Feature Film / Long Documentary


Short Documentary


Short Film




Public Service Announcement (PSA)

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Continuing the festival’s advocacy in climate change with a call-to-action theme: Climate Change (Yourself), KLEFF seeks for thought-provoking films that inspire and empower people not only in climate change but also on a myriad of worldwide environmental topics.

Climate Change (Yourself) boils down to self-initiated changes that we can make on different levels and capacities. It’s all about changing mindsets and habits, starting from ourselves. The theme encompasses films that cover the ecosystem of climate change, hence inter-related with other environmental, social and economic topics. With that, we welcome all sorts of film submissions that fall within the category of the theme this year.

If you have a story to tell, waste no time and share it with us via FilmFreeway. For any inquiry, drop us an email at

Competition Details


Dates & Deadlines

10th March 2021 Submission Opens
30th April 2021 Earlybird Deadline
31st May 2021 Regular Deadline
19th July 2021 Late Deadline
26th August 2021 Notification of Selected Films for Screening
17th September 2021 Announcement of Results
25th – 31st October 2021* Festival Date

*subject to circumstances and pandemic situation

Entry Guidelines

THEME: Climate Change (Yourself)

SUB-TOPICS: Climate change, climate mitigation, science and technology, science and research, resource management, waste management, sustainability, alternative energies, green architecture, green finance, agriculture, wildlife conservation, indigenous or local community and issues, youth in environmentalism.

GENRE: Films can be of any genre.

LENGTH: This depends on the film categories.

  • Feature Film/Long Documentary: 45 – 60 minutes
  • Short Documentary: 5 – 44 minutes
  • Short film: 5 – 44 minutes
  • Animation: 3 – 60 minutes
  • Public Service Announcement: 1 – 4 minutes

COMPLETION DATE: Films completed in 2019 onwards. 

SUBTITLES: All entries must have English subtitles.

DEADLINES & ENTRY FEES: Please refer to FilmFreeway for more information.

UNFINISHED FILMS: Please contact us before the deadline to request permission to submit an incomplete film, or have an extension granted.

RIGHTS: By submitting films to KLEFF, candidates thereby grant KLEFF to obtain full access permission to the film and make sure the film does not contravene the rights, including copyright of any third party.

PROMO USE: Filmmakers who submitted films grant KLEFF the right to use up to 30 seconds of the film for media promotion purposes.


When is the submission deadline?

Submission deadline is on 19th July 2021.

What is the difference between Earlybird, Regular and Late Deadlines?

The difference between these deadlines is the submission fee which also depends on the film categories as well. For more information on the submission fee, visit FilmFreeway.

Do you grant fee waivers?

We usually do not provide fee waivers but only and exceptional circumstances, in which you need to email the committee for this. 

How long can my film be?

This depends on the film categories.

    • Feature Film/Long Documentary: 45 – 60 minutes
    • Short Documentary: 5 – 44 minutes
    • Short film: 5 – 44 minutes
    • Animation: 3 – 60 minutes
    • Public Service Announcement: 1 – 4 minutes




Can I still enter if my film isn’t quite finished?

Yes. We accept entries that aren’t quite complete, so long as you enter through FilmFreeway before our entry deadline (25th June). Put a note with your submission and then send us the link to your password protected online screener as soon as possible. We will need to see a rough cut of whatever you have ready before our submission deadline closes. If your film is accepted, we will need the final version by 30th June. Please make sure you contact us before the entry deadline to discuss this with us.

When will I find out if my film has been selected to be screened?

We will notify you via FilmFreeway in mid-July.

When will I know if my film has been awarded?

We will notify you via email in August.

When is the Award Ceremony?

The Award Ceremony will happen during the festival week, the confirmed date will be announced and notified to attending filmmakers in August.

‘Pick Your Side’ Petition

As a mandate to this year’s KLEFF, the festival aims to collect public petitions through film screening sessions, whereby the collective response will be used to request for governmental support towards environmental education and advocacy. The goal is to collect at least 10,000 signs as a mark for a bottoms-up approach to the demand for screening award-winning environmental films in the mainstream media.

Petition progress

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10,000 Goal


Road to 10,000 Signatures

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