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Kuala Lumpur, 22nd April – In conjunction with Earth Day 2020, EcoKnights announces the launch of KLEFFlix – Malaysia’s first and only streaming service for environmental and community films, a digital maneuver to its flagship event, the International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest (KLEFF).

KLEFFlix enables the film festival to transcend beyond its physical element and reach a wider audience by screening past and future KLEFF films digitally. This means that this year’s theme and message of “Climate (in)Justice” can now be spread virtually as well. This is further aligned with the climate action theme of Earth Day 2020 50th Anniversary – raising awareness on the threat of climate change to our future.

The launch of KLEFFlix also marks another notable milestone of KLEFF partnering with the Ministry of Environment and Water, which further helps the spread of the climate action message nationwide.

Leading up to today’s Earth Day celebration, the Ministry has run a digital contest seeking the best climate action-themed poster or video. In partnership with KLEFF, the 50 best submissions will win a Special Premium Membership to KLEFFlix – giving them access to a host of award-winning and compelling eco-themed films past and present.

EcoKnights Program Director and KLEFF Festival Director, Fadly Bakhtiar, said that the partnership with the Ministry represents positive progress in strengthening the national sustainability agenda by supporting a homegrown initiative utilizing technology as a tool to spread the message of climate action.

2020 signifies a long-term partnership of EcoKnights working closely with relevant ministries since its inception 15 years ago, with KLEFF being a strong foundation for climate action advocacy together with the Ministry – as seen in the collaborative effort between KLEFF and IGEM since 2017.

“Short movie documentaries are powerful tools to bring about environmental awareness and nudge behavioural change,” said Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Zaini Ujang, Secretary General, Ministry of Environment and Water. He further stated that this partnership with KLEFF is to enable all stakeholders to work together to drive climate action.

Dato’ Seri Zaini Ujang felt that it’s a collective action as we chart our pathway in sustainable development and local made movies are important in mainstreaming our narrative and our perspective of these global issues. With KLEFFlix going digital, he is very encouraged that more people can enjoy these movies and he hopes it will bring a positive change and encourage Malaysians to live in harmony with Nature.

Since 2008, KLEFF has been championing the cause to mainstream the concept of sustainable living through the power of audio-visual materials, while ensuring equal access to environmental education to all. EcoKnights President and KLEFF Honorary Advisor, Dr. Yasmin Rasyid said that KLEFF, while charting positive growth since 2008 in terms of size and scope, remains very localized.

“Hopefully with KLEFFlix in a digital form, we can exponentially grow the number of people that can benefit from the festival and reach out to more global citizens who are passionate about sustainability and driven to make a change,” she said.

Fadly added that KLEFF successfully engaged over 100,000 people in the past 12 years through physical events like festivals, satellite screenings and roadshows.

“We have bigger aspirations to reach out to more people and continue to be the leader for environmental education and action – connecting stories from Malaysia and around the world to inspire a better future for all,” Fadly said.

“The digitalization of KLEFF via KLEFFlix can help us realize our mission, while giving a space for eco-themed films that would otherwise be left out of the mainstream a chance to be aired on a commercial platform.” 

KLEFF boasts a growing database of films submitted from both local and international filmmakers globally in the past years. From this database, the committee has shortlisted a significant amount of groundbreaking KLEFF films of various lengths, genre, and themes to be screened on KLEFFlix, with the film catalog to be gradually expanded as KLEFF runs its film submission annually.


KLEFFlix is part of EcoKnights’ unceasing efforts to enable everyone – from top corporates to everyday Malaysians – to be agents of environmental change. This can be done by simply subscribing to one of three of its membership plans; Free membership; Premium Membership; and Corporate Package.

For more details about the streaming service KLEFFlix and the membership plans, visit its official website at http://klefflix.kleff.my/

For further inquiries about KLEFFlix, you may contact our festival manager, Nabila at nabila@ecoknights.org.my and for KLEFF partnership and collaboration, you may reach our KLEFF Festival Director at fadly@ecoknights.org.my

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The International KLEFF is Malaysia’s first and longest-serving platform promoting sustainable living through showcases of environment-themed films, workshops, talks, exhibitions, Impact Market, local performances and other engaging activities. Organized by EcoKnights, KLEFF features groundbreaking films that kindle important dialogues, traversing the relationship between humans and their environments, challenging the way people think about the natural world and inspiring them to discuss, explore and act on important environmental issues. For more information about KLEFF, kindly visit its official page at kleff.my and for more current updates, find us on Facebook at @KualaLumpurEcoFilmFestival and Instagram and Twitter at @kleff_my.


EcoKnights is an environmental non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia. EcoKnights’ core focus areas are in environmental education; smart partnerships; strategic engagement and on-ground efforts as well as capacity building of youths. In these areas, EcoKnights focuses on working with key stakeholders to deliver strategically designed developmental interventions, further contributing to positive social, environmental and economic change. More information about EcoKnights can be obtained from www.ecoknights.org.my. For more current updates on what EcoKnights is up to, find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @EcoKnights. 

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