Film Screening Schedule

Mark your calendars! This year, the 9th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival has selected a total of 85 films in a span of 3 days to be screened at the KLEFF2016. We, the team, are excited to share with you the screening schedule of the films during the Festival.

Due to the overwhelming submissions this year, it is impossible for us to screen all the films in the span of three days. The jury committee had to make a tough decision and selected 85 films to be screened this year at the festival. Rest assured, our goal is to keep spreading the important environmental messages through films to as many people in Malaysia and we are working hard to look for potential partners to screen the remaining films for this year. We truly appreciate your understanding and support on this matter.

Below is the screening schedule for the KLEFF2016 (last updated on 11th October 2016):

Friday, 14th October 2016
Venue: Black Box, Publika

TimeDurationFilm TitleFilm MakerOriginUniversityCategory
Session 1
6.30pm0:14:49Women Of The Shore: The Hidden Burden Of Climate ChangeInshallah P. MonteroMalaysiaShort Documentaries
6.44pm0:11:00Saving GiantsShanandra Sivathambu A/L S. SivathambuMalaysiaLANSKAPShort Documentaries
6.55pm0:16:54QisasMuhammad AffanMalaysiaUNIKLShort Film
7.11pm0:01:15Recycle: The Good, The Better, The BestSyed M. Hafizzul Izhar Bin Syed HishamuddinMalaysiaUNIKLPSA
7.12pm0:03:15The EarthMohamad Nor ZaffreenMalaysiaGEOMATIKAAnimation
7.15pm0:03:49How Often Do You Leave Your Charged Phones Unplugged?Joey Lee, Carmen Cheong Khar Man, Matthew E.NavinMalaysiaKDUPSA
7.22pm0:05:01Harimau SelamanyaEcosystemMalaysiaKDUPSA
7.27pm0:01:21Power Down To Power AllAyu Abdullah and Teresa KrugMalaysiaPSA
7.29pmSpeaking Session with Ayu Abdullah (Power Down to Power All)
7.43pmSpeaking Session with Lara Ariffin
Session 2
8.00pm0:04:20Change For TomorrowAzrin AzliMalaysiaTAYLORSShort Film
8.04pm0:03:00Importance Of Switching Off Main SwitchesJeremy Cheong Wai KitMalaysiaKDUPSA
8:07pm0:03:44MomentsBryan HoMalaysiaHAN CHIANGPSA
8:10pm0:21:20WaritaAlfisyahrin Aro’qieMalaysiaUNIKLShort Film
8.31pm0:01:06Saving ElectricityTeo Pooi YanMalaysiaKDUPSA
8.32pm0:04:28One LifeChelsea Justalianus LimMalaysiaKDUShort Film
8:36pm0:02:10Be Like MasnawiEmirul RedzuanMalaysiaPSA
8.38pm0:01:08Little Act Helps A LotWecoolzMalaysiaKDUPSA
8.39pm0:03:03The Journey of The Plastic BagBala Murugan MonogaranMalaysiaKDUShort Film
8.42pm0:04:44RESETLam Hoc LeonMalaysiaTAYLORSShort Film
8.46pm0:11:38The CycleAnnabel MichaelMalaysiaTAYLORSShort Film
8.57pm0:10:16The MountainLim Siao MunMalaysiaTARUCShort Documentaries
9.07pm0:02:00Kaki AyamDashran Yohan & John LaiMalaysiaKDUShort Film
9.09pm0:03:08E-wasteStephanie Tan Jing Mei and Lim Sin NiMalaysiaKDUPSA
9.12pm0:15:13NadaDhaniyah RidzuanMalaysiaUNIKLShort Film
9.27pm0:02:59On/OffThiviya A/P BalakrishnanMalaysiaTARUCPSA
9.29pm0:05:22Don’t Cut TreesMMUMalaysiaMMUAnimation
9.34pm0:01:21Grandfather’s ChildhoodWilson Foo Yong ShengMalaysiaTAYLORSPSA
9.35pm0:01:53GaiaDhaniyah RidzuanMalaysiaUNIKLpsa
9.36pmSpeaking Session with Dhaniah Ridzuan (GAIA)
9.51pm0:04:11Sweat of Virtue ; The Fate of Charcoal Factory WorkersPuteri Nabilah Binti Mohamed ShahauddinMalaysiaShort Film
9.55pm0:02:35The Ignorant YouBrandon Teh Khai ShengMalaysiaTAYLORSPSA
Session 3
10.15pm0:15:13Women of the Forest: The Hidden Burden of Climate ChangeInshallah P. MonteroMalaysiaShort Documentaries
10.30pm0:05:03H20Jaclyn Lim Jia NingMalaysiaKDUShort Film
10.35pm0:06:20Bio DynamicChew Li PahnMalaysiaTAYLORSShort Documentaries
10.41pm0:07:29HunterRupini LetchumananMalaysiaTAYLORSShort Film
10.48pm0:02:55Steps To Keep Cool Without Air ConditioningGavyn Lim Chin Yhong & Marcus Leong Kar VorMalaysiaKDUPSA
10.50pm0:09:22HomosapienAlice Cornwell NeowcharumMalaysiaTARUCShort Film
10.59pm0:03:15TinIrwan AhmadMalaysiaGEOMATIKAShort Film
11.02pm0:04:582030Wilson FooMalaysiaTAYLORSPSA
11.06pm0:08:26Action For NatureLim Yi ZhiaMalaysiaHAN CHIANGShort Documentaries
11.14pm0:04:34Warna-Warna AlamLan LubisMalaysiaGEOMATIKAShort Film

Saturday, 15th October 2016
Venue: The Square, Publika

TimeDurationFilm TitleFilm MakerOriginCategory
8.00pm1:33:27Not Without UsMark DecenaUnited StatesFeature Film/ Full Length Documntaries
9.34pm0:14:00Through The ThickNino LeitnerAustriaShort Documentaries
9.48pm0:45:00Small People. Big TreesVadim VitovtsevRussiaFeature Film/ Full Length Documntaries

Saturday, 15th October 2016
Venue: Black Box, Publika

TimeDurationFilm TitleFilm MakerOriginCategory
10.00am0:48:44Flying RainbowVishal JadhavIndiaFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
10.49am0:00:45Earth ClockC.A. MacFinnUSAPSA
10.50am0:10:27Borneo’s Heart Of DarknessMichael DeeterUSAShort Documentaries
11.00am0:29:30Swayer CorporationsRathindran R PrasadIndiaShort Film
11.30am0:07:47Bright SpotsJilli RoseAustraliaAnimation
11.38am0:03:58FarewellYu Cheng-ChuTaiwanAnimation
12.30pm0:47:54The Climate ChangersSamuel Schlaefli & Esther PetscheSwitzerlandShort Documentaries
1.18pmSpeaking Session with Samuel Schlaefli (The Climate Changers)
1.33pm0:08:21E: Our E-waste ProblemNicholas Lyell, Stephanie Vavoneese, Flavius MihaiesUSAShort Documentaries
1.41pm0:26:00Underwater MetropolisDragan MilutinovicSerbiaShort Documentaries
2.07pm1:18:56A Simpler Way: Crisis As OpportunityJordan Osmond & Samuel AlexanderAustraliaFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
3.25pmSpeaking Session with Ashaari from Poptani
3.40pm1:16:50Saving Jamaica BayDaniel HendrickUSAFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
4.56pm0:05:37MANA KAIPasha ReshikovUSAShort Film
5.02pm0:02:49‘You Are What You Eat’Igor Coric, Sheldon LiebermanAustraliaAnimation
5.04pm0:59:00There Will Be WaterPer LiebeckDenmarkFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
6.10pm0:15:00Message In A BottleDanny SchmidtUSAShort Film
6.25pm0:52:00Making An Ancient Forest – Kalkalpen National ParkRita SchlambergerAustriaFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
7.20pm0:11:30ShadowsIssac KerlowSingaporeAnimation
7.31pmSpeaking Session with Jegannath
7:46pm0:54:38On The Brink: Uncharted WatersVincent SoberanoUnited StatesFeature Film/Full Length Documentaries
8.40pmSpeaking Session with Robert Suntay
8.55pm0:30:00The Disappearing HillsYeo Kai WenSingaporeFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
9.25pmSpeaking Session with Yeo Kai Wen & Dr. Bala
9.45pm0:08:43GuardiansLoius ArteagaMexicoShort Film
9.53pm0:01:10Animal TestingClaire DimitriadesPSA
9.54pm0:16:50UlinLeo PlunkettUnited kingdomShort Documentaries
10.10pmSpeaking Session with Ashaari from Poptani
10.25pm1:33:50Seed: The Untold StoryTaggart Siegel & Jon BetzUSAFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries

Sunday, 16th October 2016
Venue: The Square, Publika

TimeDurationFilm TitleFilm MakerOriginCategory
8.00pm00:56:47Painted NailsErica Jordan, Dianne GriffinUnited StatesFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
8.57pm01:02:03After the SpillJon BowermasterUnited StatesFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
9.58pm0:23:25Fallow Land Bears Sweet FruitAndrew FranciscoChinaShort Documentaries

Sunday, 16th October 2016
Venue: Black Box, Publika

TimeDurationFilm TitleFilm MakerOriginCategory
10.00am0:17:53When The Heron FliesLaget LionelFranceShort Film
10.18am0:34:06Thirty MillionDaniel Price, Adrien TaylorNew ZealandShort Documentaries
10.52am0:52:00The Sea of LifeMónica GonzálezSpainFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
11.44am0:15:00Juan and the cloudGiovanni MaccelliSpainAnimation
12.30pm1:23:00Fukushima And The BatsPhilipp von BeckerGermanyFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
1.53pm0:25:10No Haze Without FireYan ManikIndonesiaShort Documentaries
2.18pmSpeaking Session with Yan Manik
2.33pm0:06:57Shark & LionFlorian Fischer Michael KuglerGermanyShort Film
2.39pm0:24:39A Last Stand For LeluFarhan Umedaly & Tamo CamposCanadaShort Documentaries
3.04pmSpeaking Session with Farhan Umedaly
3.19pm0:18:00If Not Now, When? Planning For The Urban Water-Energy-Food NexusDaphne GondhalekarGermanyShort Documentaries
3.30pm1:34:00Power to Change: The Energy RebellionCarl-A. FechnerGermanyFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
5.05pmSpeaking Session with Gabriel (DiGi)
5.20pm0:25:31Skeleton Sea – The Tides of TomorrowMauritz Brekke SolbergNorwayShort Documentaries
5.29pm0:03:58The World of Microfluidics: Microfluidics and MicrobioreactorToby Mory, Nico RoickeGermanyAnimation
5.33pmSpeaking Session with Nico Roicke & Herbert Muller
5.48pm0:05:46Norma’s StoryAlex hawleyCanadaAnimation
5.53pm0:04:00Chasing the DistanceIan ShiveUSAShort Film
6.15pm1:22:52FREIGHTENED: The Real Price of ShippingDenis DelestracSpainFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries
7.37pm0:30:50Moving To Live!Marco TessaroItalyShort Documentaries
8.15pm1:06:03From Mass to the MountainKurt SensenbrennerUnited StatesFeature film/Full-length documentaries
9.20pmSpeaking Session with Kurt Sensenbrenner
9.35pm0:45:00I Cannot Give You My ForestNandan Saxena, Kavita BahlIndiaShort Film
10.20pm0:56:00Daughters of the Forest / Hijas Del BosqueSamantha grantUSAFeature Films/Full Length Documentaries