Film Screening Schedule

Mark your calendars! This year, the 9th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival has selected a total of 85 films in a span of 3 days to be screened at the KLEFF2016. We, the team, are excited to share with you the screening schedule of the films during the Festival.

Due to the overwhelming submissions this year, it is impossible for us to screen all the films in the span of three days. The jury committee had to make a tough decision and selected 85 films to be screened this year at the festival. Rest assured, our goal is to keep spreading the important environmental messages through films to as many people in Malaysia and we are working hard to look for potential partners to screen the remaining films for this year. We truly appreciate your understanding and support on this matter.

Below is the screening schedule for the KLEFF2016 (last updated on 11th October 2016):

Friday, 14th October 2016
Venue: Black Box, Publika

Time Duration Film Title Film Maker Origin University Category
Session 1
6.30pm 0:14:49 Women Of The Shore: The Hidden Burden Of Climate Change Inshallah P. Montero Malaysia Short Documentaries
6.44pm 0:11:00 Saving Giants Shanandra Sivathambu A/L S. Sivathambu Malaysia LANSKAP Short Documentaries
6.55pm 0:16:54 Qisas Muhammad Affan Malaysia UNIKL Short Film
7.11pm 0:01:15 Recycle: The Good, The Better, The Best Syed M. Hafizzul Izhar Bin Syed Hishamuddin Malaysia UNIKL PSA
7.12pm 0:03:15 The Earth Mohamad Nor Zaffreen Malaysia GEOMATIKA Animation
7.15pm 0:03:49 How Often Do You Leave Your Charged Phones Unplugged? Joey Lee, Carmen Cheong Khar Man, Matthew E.Navin Malaysia KDU PSA
7.20pm 0:02:32 Deforestation Ecosystem Malaysia KDU PSA
7.22pm 0:05:01 Harimau Selamanya Ecosystem Malaysia KDU PSA
7.27pm 0:01:21 Power Down To Power All Ayu Abdullah and Teresa Krug Malaysia PSA
7.29pm Speaking Session with Ayu Abdullah (Power Down to Power All)
7.43pm Speaking Session with Lara Ariffin
Session 2
8.00pm 0:04:20 Change For Tomorrow Azrin Azli Malaysia TAYLORS Short Film
8.04pm 0:03:00 Importance Of Switching Off Main Switches Jeremy Cheong Wai Kit Malaysia KDU PSA
8:07pm 0:03:44 Moments Bryan Ho Malaysia HAN CHIANG PSA
8:10pm 0:21:20 Warita Alfisyahrin Aro’qie Malaysia UNIKL Short Film
8.31pm 0:01:06 Saving Electricity Teo Pooi Yan Malaysia KDU PSA
8.32pm 0:04:28 One Life Chelsea Justalianus Lim Malaysia KDU Short Film
8:36pm 0:02:10 Be Like Masnawi Emirul Redzuan Malaysia PSA
8.38pm 0:01:08 Little Act Helps A Lot Wecoolz Malaysia KDU PSA
8.39pm 0:03:03 The Journey of The Plastic Bag Bala Murugan Monogaran Malaysia KDU Short Film
8.42pm 0:04:44 RESET Lam Hoc Leon Malaysia TAYLORS Short Film
8.46pm 0:11:38 The Cycle Annabel Michael Malaysia TAYLORS Short Film
8.57pm 0:10:16 The Mountain Lim Siao Mun Malaysia TARUC Short Documentaries
9.07pm 0:02:00 Kaki Ayam Dashran Yohan & John Lai Malaysia KDU Short Film
9.09pm 0:03:08 E-waste Stephanie Tan Jing Mei and Lim Sin Ni Malaysia KDU PSA
9.12pm 0:15:13 Nada Dhaniyah Ridzuan Malaysia UNIKL Short Film
9.27pm 0:02:59 On/Off Thiviya A/P Balakrishnan Malaysia TARUC PSA
9.29pm 0:05:22 Don’t Cut Trees MMU Malaysia MMU Animation
9.34pm 0:01:21 Grandfather’s Childhood Wilson Foo Yong Sheng Malaysia TAYLORS PSA
9.35pm 0:01:53 Gaia Dhaniyah Ridzuan Malaysia UNIKL psa
9.36pm Speaking Session with Dhaniah Ridzuan (GAIA)
9.51pm 0:04:11 Sweat of Virtue ; The Fate of Charcoal Factory Workers Puteri Nabilah Binti Mohamed Shahauddin Malaysia Short Film
9.55pm 0:02:35 The Ignorant You Brandon Teh Khai Sheng Malaysia TAYLORS PSA
Session 3
10.15pm 0:15:13 Women of the Forest: The Hidden Burden of Climate Change Inshallah P. Montero Malaysia Short Documentaries
10.30pm 0:05:03 H20 Jaclyn Lim Jia Ning Malaysia KDU Short Film
10.35pm 0:06:20 Bio Dynamic Chew Li Pahn Malaysia TAYLORS Short Documentaries
10.41pm 0:07:29 Hunter Rupini Letchumanan Malaysia TAYLORS Short Film
10.48pm 0:02:55 Steps To Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning Gavyn Lim Chin Yhong & Marcus Leong Kar Vor Malaysia KDU PSA
10.50pm 0:09:22 Homosapien Alice Cornwell Neowcharum Malaysia TARUC Short Film
10.59pm 0:03:15 Tin Irwan Ahmad Malaysia GEOMATIKA Short Film
11.02pm 0:04:58 2030 Wilson Foo Malaysia TAYLORS PSA
11.06pm 0:08:26 Action For Nature Lim Yi Zhia Malaysia HAN CHIANG Short Documentaries
11.14pm 0:04:34 Warna-Warna Alam Lan Lubis Malaysia GEOMATIKA Short Film

Saturday, 15th October 2016
Venue: The Square, Publika

Time Duration Film Title Film Maker Origin Category
8.00pm 1:33:27 Not Without Us Mark Decena United States Feature Film/ Full Length Documntaries
9.34pm 0:14:00 Through The Thick Nino Leitner Austria Short Documentaries
9.48pm 0:45:00 Small People. Big Trees Vadim Vitovtsev Russia Feature Film/ Full Length Documntaries

Saturday, 15th October 2016
Venue: Black Box, Publika

Time Duration Film Title Film Maker Origin Category
10.00am 0:48:44 Flying Rainbow Vishal Jadhav India Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
10.49am 0:00:45 Earth Clock C.A. MacFinn USA PSA
10.50am 0:10:27 Borneo’s Heart Of Darkness Michael Deeter USA Short Documentaries
11.00am 0:29:30 Swayer Corporations Rathindran R Prasad India Short Film
11.30am 0:07:47 Bright Spots Jilli Rose Australia Animation
11.38am 0:03:58 Farewell Yu Cheng-Chu Taiwan Animation
12.30pm 0:47:54 The Climate Changers Samuel Schlaefli & Esther Petsche Switzerland Short Documentaries
1.18pm Speaking Session with Samuel Schlaefli (The Climate Changers)
1.33pm 0:08:21 E: Our E-waste Problem Nicholas Lyell, Stephanie Vavoneese, Flavius Mihaies USA Short Documentaries
1.41pm 0:26:00 Underwater Metropolis Dragan Milutinovic Serbia Short Documentaries
2.07pm 1:18:56 A Simpler Way: Crisis As Opportunity Jordan Osmond & Samuel Alexander Australia Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
3.25pm Speaking Session with Ashaari from Poptani
3.40pm 1:16:50 Saving Jamaica Bay Daniel Hendrick USA Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
4.56pm 0:05:37 MANA KAI Pasha Reshikov USA Short Film
5.02pm 0:02:49 ‘You Are What You Eat’ Igor Coric, Sheldon Lieberman Australia Animation
5.04pm 0:59:00 There Will Be Water Per Liebeck Denmark Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
6.10pm 0:15:00 Message In A Bottle Danny Schmidt USA Short Film
6.25pm 0:52:00 Making An Ancient Forest – Kalkalpen National Park Rita Schlamberger Austria Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
7.20pm 0:11:30 Shadows Issac Kerlow Singapore Animation
7.31pm Speaking Session with Jegannath
7:46pm 0:54:38 On The Brink: Uncharted Waters Vincent Soberano United States Feature Film/Full Length Documentaries
8.40pm Speaking Session with Robert Suntay
8.55pm 0:30:00 The Disappearing Hills Yeo Kai Wen Singapore Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
9.25pm Speaking Session with Yeo Kai Wen & Dr. Bala
9.45pm 0:08:43 Guardians Loius Arteaga Mexico Short Film
9.53pm 0:01:10 Animal Testing Claire Dimitriades PSA
9.54pm 0:16:50 Ulin Leo Plunkett United kingdom Short Documentaries
10.10pm Speaking Session with Ashaari from Poptani
10.25pm 1:33:50 Seed: The Untold Story Taggart Siegel & Jon Betz USA Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries

Sunday, 16th October 2016
Venue: The Square, Publika

Time Duration Film Title Film Maker Origin Category
8.00pm 00:56:47 Painted Nails Erica Jordan, Dianne Griffin United States Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
8.57pm 01:02:03 After the Spill Jon Bowermaster United States Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
9.58pm 0:23:25 Fallow Land Bears Sweet Fruit Andrew Francisco China Short Documentaries

Sunday, 16th October 2016
Venue: Black Box, Publika

Time Duration Film Title Film Maker Origin Category
10.00am 0:17:53 When The Heron Flies Laget Lionel France Short Film
10.18am 0:34:06 Thirty Million Daniel Price, Adrien Taylor New Zealand Short Documentaries
10.52am 0:52:00 The Sea of Life Mónica González Spain Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
11.44am 0:15:00 Juan and the cloud Giovanni Maccelli Spain Animation
12.30pm 1:23:00 Fukushima And The Bats Philipp von Becker Germany Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
1.53pm 0:25:10 No Haze Without Fire Yan Manik Indonesia Short Documentaries
2.18pm Speaking Session with Yan Manik
2.33pm 0:06:57 Shark & Lion Florian Fischer Michael Kugler Germany Short Film
2.39pm 0:24:39 A Last Stand For Lelu Farhan Umedaly & Tamo Campos Canada Short Documentaries
3.04pm Speaking Session with Farhan Umedaly
3.19pm 0:18:00 If Not Now, When? Planning For The Urban Water-Energy-Food Nexus Daphne Gondhalekar Germany Short Documentaries
3.30pm 1:34:00 Power to Change: The Energy Rebellion Carl-A. Fechner Germany Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
5.05pm Speaking Session with Gabriel (DiGi)
5.20pm 0:25:31 Skeleton Sea – The Tides of Tomorrow Mauritz Brekke Solberg Norway Short Documentaries
5.29pm 0:03:58 The World of Microfluidics: Microfluidics and Microbioreactor Toby Mory, Nico Roicke Germany Animation
5.33pm Speaking Session with Nico Roicke & Herbert Muller
5.48pm 0:05:46 Norma’s Story Alex hawley Canada Animation
5.53pm 0:04:00 Chasing the Distance Ian Shive USA Short Film
6.15pm 1:22:52 FREIGHTENED: The Real Price of Shipping Denis Delestrac Spain Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries
7.37pm 0:30:50 Moving To Live! Marco Tessaro Italy Short Documentaries
8.15pm 1:06:03 From Mass to the Mountain Kurt Sensenbrenner United States Feature film/Full-length documentaries
9.20pm Speaking Session with Kurt Sensenbrenner
9.35pm 0:45:00 I Cannot Give You My Forest Nandan Saxena, Kavita Bahl India Short Film
10.20pm 0:56:00 Daughters of the Forest / Hijas Del Bosque Samantha grant USA Feature Films/Full Length Documentaries